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Life in general

So, I am finally posting again. I do not know why I find writing in here so hard to do, but it is. I am sure that I am just being odd, but then it is me. It is so interesting to think that I am going to be closing on my house this Tuesday. I know that I am 22, but I feel like I am too young to be able to buy a house. And I mean that in that I feel like it was just yesturday that I was going things like getting my driver's license. Where did time go? I remember it feeling like I was never going to get older, but it is not like that anymore. Time seems to fly past. And here I am, about to buy a house. Who would have known?

I am happy that this semester of school is over although I am beyond sure that I am never going to leave it. Oh well... I just am not sure what I am going to want to do for the rest of my life. I just need to marry wealthy.

I know that I did not write much, but it is at least something.

Columbus, Day 2

Still in Indiana but I am happy to report that no one is dead. We all seem to be getting along pretty well... which is shocking in itself. I am thinking that everything is going to be all right, but we shall have to wait and see... we are still having breakfast this morning.

There is nothing amazing going on but I thought that I would post. I will write again soon about the boring life that I lead. *swoon*



I am so happy. I only have one more test in math and then I am done with school for the rest of the summer. I am going to be looking forward to being able to sleep in all the time. I am going to be so happy!

Not much more to say but then not much has happened, but then I do not live an overly exciting life. Although I am talking to Joel right now, and that is something that I have not done in a while... hmm. I am tired though.

Don't threaten me you son of a bitch

So, I have not posted in quite some time. I am trying to think, however, of things that have happened to me but I have not said anything about, not that I can remember what I talked about last time. Ok, my cat Sheba is getting better. For the most part her walking is better, but there are times when it is still not great. She also seems to be getting better about coming to me for attention. She does want to be petted from time to time and I know that she trusts me... or trusts me more than anyone else.

My brother turned 24 today, or technically yesturday since it is after midnight. It is nice that he is beginning to get his life back on track. He is even beginning to think that he should go back to school and that he knows that he messed up when he failed out before and lost the free ride that the state was giving him before. All I have to say to that is duh!

In great news, things are going great with Will. Life is great like that.

I have my chapter 4 test tomorrow and my final test on Wednesday. I am studying more right now then I have in quite some time. Oh well. It will be nice to have a month off before I have to go back to school. I need a break to live... and breath.

Jun. 22nd, 2006

I have not been on in forever. I just do not seem to have anything to say. I am taking college algreba this summer and it takes a lot of time since it is at 8 in the morning and I like to sleep and therefore have to take a nap after it and before I have to go to work. I have forgotten so much since high school, but it seems to come back to me easily enough. Oh well. And Will said that he would help me if I needed any help and has helped some in the past. He is better at explaining things then I would have thought since he is so far ahead of where I am in math. I do not understand how anyone can love math as much as he seems to, but then everyone has different interests.

Work is normal, or normal for JTV anyway. There are the drama things that I wish would go away but I do not think that it is going to happen any time soon. And there is to be more soon since there is not going to be any person that can be seen as being in charge. This is going to be interesting because Amanda thinks that she is in charge.

My adopted cat is having medical difficulties and I am thinking that I am going to have to pute her down. She is not using the litter box on top of her having so many problems walking. It is hard but I know that I have to do what is best for her, whatever that might be.

Sorry it has been such a long time. I will also try and remember that I need to call Megan.
Spring break next week!

Give me liberty or give me death.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.-- Benjamin Franklin, 1759.

We were talking about the Google thing in newswriting today. I read the article that has to do with it and laugh at the thought that the government just wants the records so that they could see who has been looking at porn. Everyone has to know that they will not only search for that because if they only wanted that info why not just ask for the searches of those that have looked at porn. They also say that they are doing this to protect the children of this counrty. I have to ask where the parents are of the children that are looking at porn. It is not the world's job to keep children from looking at what they should not be looking at, it is the parents' job! I do not have any children and should not have pay because there are people out there that are not willing to take the extra step and go without their rated R movies.

There is nothing in my email or anything that I have ever searched for that would point to me being a terrorist or that I want to bomb something. (And this might be red flagged because it has bomb and terrorist or something. *waves to big brother*) I am not involved with anything like that and can still have eaverything that I write read and/or listened to. What happened to the 4th AmendmentCollapse )
Ok, so it is officially Christmas... it is a big day. When I look back at last year and think of all of the differences between the two years I am shocked. Who would have thought that so much would have happened? I know that I did not see it coming. Last year I was living in an apartment and working a 7pm to 7am shift. This year I am renting the basement of my mother's house and just got a promotion at work. This is also the first Christmas since my parents got a divorce. It is also the first year that I do not have my one-time sister to talk to. There was a time when I had told her everything, and while I miss it sometimes I also realize that she is not the same person that I told everything to... and I also know that the person that she is now would not be able to make time to listen to my woes. Oh well, things happen in life, whether it be the divorce of parents or the losing of friends that makes you look at what you do have. This is also the first year where my Nana has not been alive. She was always an interesting woman. She was mean and critical of everything, but something about her made me want her to approve of me, something that I knew that I was never going to get because of who she was and who my mother is.

Things to I have include: a great family (which I have not always seen), some great friends (for there are the ones that you can trust and those that you can lose), a place to live (which always important and I have been lucky to never be without), a wonderful job (which I am actually happy to go to everyday), and school (annoying but something that I need to make something of my life). While I am not dating anyone in particular at the moment it is not something that really think about because I barely have time to sleep and do not think that it would be right to someone else to be with them right now because I would not have the time for them that they would deserve. Who wants a weekend girlfriend? No one that wants anything serious, which I do not want. I may be living with my mother again but at least I pay rent and have a seperate entrance into my area and do not have to worry about the rest of the house if I do not want to.

I am told that as you age more things become clear to me. I had once thought that I knew almost everything that there was to learn in life, but I have come to think that you never know everything and that is what makes life exciting. Who wants to know everything? Who wants to live life without any questions still remaining?

And while this post is more serious than usual, I thought that this was the perfect time to do it. It is almost the end of another year and why not finish this one with everything washed away? You cannot change the past and can only hope to not make the same mistakes again. Maybe I am being sentimental but I just want to not hold any ill will into the next year. There might be people that read this and think that I am being stupid, but all I have to say is that is fine. I have hurt people this past year, hurt some that I once thought I would rather die than hurt... but sometimes when there is enough hurt piled on there is nothing to do but hurt back, even if that urge is immature. There are two people in particular that I wanted to hurt this past year, and while I did not fight all urges I tried my best not to be a bitch... although I did not always win the fight. I am going to end this year thinking the best of other people, or at least try to, and to get over past difficulties and move on I am going to say that I am sorry for any hurt done. While I have mostly moved past it, that will make it so that nothing else can be said and everything else is trivial. Have great lives, both of you (even though I am sure that neither will read this, and if they do not care) and know that I wish nothing for you but happiness.

Enough mushy blah. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am going to go to bed before I write something I will kick myself for writing later.


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Not much going on but I thought that I would put this up.

Aries March 21 - April 19
It's no wonder people find your life story a little hard to believe. Certainly you must have done something besides "on with the pants, off with the pants."

I could cut to it but I forgot the code and at least it is short and sweet and to the point. I also think that it is funny. Busy with moving, school, and work, but that is not new.